What Can You Expect From a Class With Ariel?

Ariel is the most loving, non-judgemental, and self-empowered person I know, and that is reflected clearly in her classes and teaching style. I tell all of our guests that if they attend ANY class in Park City, I recommend Ariel’s. When I walk into her class space, I feel like I’m at home – regardless of where it is (CrossFit gym, Temple, her home, City Park, lululemon store, etc). It’s the most grounded and stable I feel all week long, and I find that I crave the teachings that she brings to each class.
Glee Corsetti
lululemon athletica, Park City,UT
Yogi for only 2.5 years!
What I enjoy most about Ariel’s style is her sense of humor, compassion and connection to the energy in the room. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and encourages students to do the same. Her instruction is highly individualized with gentle ongoing encouragement to take control of your own practice, doing what feels best on that day.
Mel Brooke, Park City
Mother of 2; former long distance runner.
Long-term practitioner of Bikram and Hot Flow Yoga
…until discovering Ariel’s practice.

THS yoga

Ariel’s style is unique in that she blends meditation, modifications, deep stretches with lasting benefits, breath-work and wisdom. She consciously chooses music as it relates to the practice of the day and clearly sees music as critical part of life and yoga practice. For me, this style is a blessing as I need to limit the time on my wrists and shoulders. I love the use of props so that each person in her classes is able to find the postures that work for their body at that time. As a yoga student of over fifteen years my practice has morphed, as I have matured, as the styles best for my body, energy, limitations and injuries have as well.  Ariel’s s classes are restorative and gentle in some aspects, but very challenging in others.  You will have intense moments in class but will leave feeling centered, fresh and healthier. If you have limited yourself from yoga due to your perceptions about flexibility, strength etc., or have always wanted to explore meditation as part of your practice, I encourage you to join one of Ariel’s classes. This is yoga that will not injure you but will heal you. I  have loved being able to join yoga again after taking some time off for injuries. I have been a bit resistant to a meditation practice, and I find it approachable with her guidance. The mental and physical benefits of a class like Ariel’s are without compare. This is yoga for all bodies.

Meg Parker
Yoga embracer, mom
Long-time Park City Resident

Ariel’s classes will leave you space for physical conditioning while incorporating the practice of prolonged meditation. The class is encouraged to be practiced with eyes closed allowing the individual to truly feel their body and move with what feels personally  credible. You leave this class in a state of bliss, relaxation & true presence to carry with you for the rest of your day.

Michelle Hathaway
lululemon athletica
Area Community Strategist

In my entire life I have probably taken 2 Yoga classes. I thought yoga was just “not my thing”. My thing is working-out and stretching, and I have been adding stretching to my training routine for over 10 years. Ariel’s classes give you the heart of a Yoga practice (time to relax, time to reflect, time to center) fused with amazing stretches that work though your entire body. I look forward to each class. I take stretches that I have learned from Ariel and incorporate them into my daily routine.  Ariel’s class is the perfect combination for someone looking to have a pocket of peace and a rejuvenating practice.

Deb Sheldom
Temple Har Shalom
20+ Years in Park City, UT
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