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Dr. Ariel Coyote Ford is a certified yoga instructor and a licensed clinical psychologist. A rich and varied background informs all of her work.

She spent her early years living communally in Northern California and later lived amongst the community of a Buddhist Monastery and teaching center called San Francisco Zen Center. Earth-based spiritual practices, typical of indigenous cultures, provided an additional early framework for Ariel’s development.

Along with these unconventional influences, she holds a doctoral degree in psychology from the Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA. Ariel wrote her doctoral dissertation on yoga and western psychology.

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After graduating, she developed an integrated wellness program and co-owned a yoga studio in San Francisco. Ariel’s previous psychology practice included evaluation, treatment planning, and crisis intervention with at-risk teenagers and incarcerated men and women. Recent work also included forensic evaluation in death penalty and other criminal cases.

Currently, Ariel teaches Deep Stretch Yoga and meditation in Park City, UT. Because sharing Yoga and meditation are her Seva (service), she donates net-profits from her classes to charities supporting children. She is also honored to be a local lululemon Ambassador because she values their commitment to elevating the community in which they live and work. Ariel is a constant student and is delighted to share whatever wisdom she has gathered in hopes of leaving the world even a bit more compassionate and peaceful.

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